Please park your bike properly

Too many parked bicycles cause an inconvenience. There are many places in the city-center of Groningen where parked bikes are causing poor accessibility, hazardous situations, and messy streets views. In Groningen Fietsstad we should and could do better. Which should result in more space for pedestrians, and at some point we are all pedestrians in Groningen.

Don’t be an anti-social cyclist and make sure your bicycle is not in the way; especially the really terrible spots such as across the blind guide strips, against park benches, or in the middle of pavement. When parking your bicycle take a good look around and find the best place to lock up your bike. It will make the city-center of Groningen a more pleasant place to be for everyone, including yourself!

Solutions and Alternatives

What should I watch for when parking my bicycle?

Randomly parked bicycles cause a lot of inconvenience to the many visitors to the city-center; pedestrians, cyclists, (commercial)traffic. Pavements, pedestrian crossings, and blind guide strips are obstructed by badly parked bicycles which is very aggravating. We want to create more space in the city-center, especially for pedestrians, cyclists and otherwise mobile (the less-mobile, the elderly with mobility problems, the blind, people with prams, etc). So please pay attention and take three seconds to think about where you will park your bicycle. This could be In a special bike parking section, in a bicycle parking garage, just not in the middle of the pavement. Small effort, right?

Why can bad bike parking be hazardous?

From the point of view of public order and safety dangerous situations occur through large numbers of parked bicycles, especially during the nightlife. Emergency services and visitors to the city-center may be obstructed, and this could be extremely dangerous during calamities. For that reason – when there are large events in town – the Grote Markt offers a large bicycle parking section for the people going out. This is already in full use. This way the entrance of the Poelestraat is kept free for the large number of pedestrians to pass.

Why should bicycles be parked (somewhat) appropriately?

Large numbers of randomly parked bicycles give the streets a messy and unattractive appearance. We want to be an attractive city-center, and this does not fit that image. They cause a nuisance, are a public hazard and an inconvenience. Not to mention the bad accessibility.

What do I do when the bicycle parking is full?

In any case do not park your bike randomly. And do not leave it in the middle of the pavement. Park it next to other parked bikes to form a line. The city-center contains many other cycle parking facilities, with enough space for your bicycle. Many offer secure parking facilities. For example below the Public Library in the Boteringestraat, at the end of the Peperstraat, and on the ground floor in the parking garage Haddingestraat. More and more parking areas are being added. Next year an enormous bicycle parking garage will open below the Forum, with rooms for 1200 bikes.

How do I recognise bicycle parking sections and how do I use them?

Often these sections – indicated by blue lines – can be found on the pavement. Usually there are already other bikes parked in these sections. Feel free to park your bike next to the other bikes. If the section is full then look around to see if you can find another section or spot where your bicycle will not obstruct anyone.

Where can I find free secure bicycle parking garages?

Please check the maps to find bike parking garages all across the city-center! Click here for more information about bike parking garages.

How do I prevent becoming an anti-social cyclist?

Just count to three and think. Think about the elderly using zimmer frames, think about the blind, or parents using prams… Are they able to use the pavement safely if I park my bicycle here? Or is my bike in the way? It’s a small effort to park your bicycle somewhere out of the way, right?

Why are there not more bicycle parking garages?

In the cycling city of Groningen you can find a lot of bicycles, some 250.000. Many of these are parked in the busy and bustling city center. That’s fine! But, on busy days, this totals to a lot of parked bikes. In some spots there are just too many parked bikes. The more bicycle parking garages we have in Groningen, the less randomly (and badly) parked bikes on the streets of Groningen. And consequently, more room for pedestrians. This will mean going in search of extra locations for the parking areas. This costs both time and money. For now we will have to work together to make sure our bicycles are parked somewhat organised. And that shouldn’t really be too much of a problem. Just think before you park: Where can I put my bike so it will not cause an inconvenience. There will always be enough space to park your bike, you just might need to park it on the next street.

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